All Dressed Up



I was reading in my Country Living magazine about the beautiful handmade cloth dolls of Cozbi A. Cabrera and I started to feel guilty that my ragdoll was sitting in a bin totally naked with nothing but her yarn hair to keep her warm. So last night I knit her a little sweater. I made her a little dress as well, out of a wool scarf I found at the thrift yesterday. Now she just needs some slippers and she’ll be all set. Oh and a safe place to hide from the boohoo baby (who had Big Head Kitty pinned under the wheels of his dump truck yesterday).

Oscar is 9 months this weekend. Time for my monthly perusal of the baby books. Don’t want to miss anything developmentally and damage him irrevocably. Not sure what to be working on. The first few months of baby are all about the sleeping schedule and the milestones, rolling, sitting, crawling. It gets more vague after that. The pediatrician was brief at his 7th month check up…”cup training and solid foods”. Oscar likes to shove all the cheerios in his mouth at once and gag himself while using the sippy cup as a weapon to knock other things off the table. Right on track!

I’m wondering why Reprodepot must do these things to me. Don’t they know I’m broke and cannot be tempted? thanks a lot.

I’d also like to (sincerely) thank her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. I recently remembered her Twinings Earl Grey Tea and haven’t been so alert in months! I used to drink caffeinated tea in college when coffee wasn’t doing the trick anymore. I swear there is more caffeine in tea than coffee. Maybe just the way I make it? I’m very glad to find an alternative to the case of diet vanilla coke I was drinking a day. And well I’m at it, of course I have to thank Sir Guinness for bringing me back down again in the evening.

ok, I’m off to try to do something new with my hair. It involves these two boxes of hair color. Wish me luck!


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