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I was able to finally get to some of my fall magazines these past couple of days. Instead of tearing out pages I decided to put my digital camera to use. That way I can print out bits for my inspiration board and still have intact magazines to offer my guests (sister).


Yesterday we went to the thrift store.. finally! It was really only one weekly visit skipped but it felt like forever and I might have gone a little overboard to compensate. I wiped out poor Tim & Oscar. If O’s not at the 26 lb baby bjorn limit yet he will be any day now! Then I don’t know what we’ll do. He has no patience for his stroller. He likes his vantage point in the bb, up high in the action where crazy people can grab at him and he can get at all the racks. So anyway, huge bags later I’m still washing, sorting, scheming…

Here’s one of my thriftscores from yesterday…yea!


Was just browsing on girlshop/totshop this morning. Haven’t been there in a while. Here’s a cutie fabric flower. And here’s a fantastic diaper bag. Think I might have to try to make something like that for myself so I can stop beaning Oscar in the face with my tote diaper bag when I lean over to put him in the stroller. And THIS! This is giving me such a strong deja vu. Just like when I see a book or toy I’d forgotten I had as a child. And it isn’t just because I ate popsicles all summer long. I think I had some kind of popsicle jewelry. Must undergo some regression hypnosis or, easier still, call Mom.

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  1. maia says:

    hello–came across your site via mypapercrane & what a lovely site you have & cool links too! looking forward to see your future artsy projects!

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