Sunday projects

What to work on today?

My bag of bags is uninspiring… I really want the finished product but I’m not enjoying knitting with plastic bags.


George is getting there. I could try to finish that today. I’m loving the Jo Sharp Soho Summer yarn I’m using. Look how nicely it’s laying without blocking!


I picked out projects for my new yarn last night from my Rebecca Baby and Kids. I could start on those. I’m going to knit the fisherman’s sweater (first one) out of the Organic Cotton and the pink cableknit (third one) sweater out of the green Uxbridge Tweed. Also a hat for Tim out of the pumpkin and maybe some mittens for myself out of the gray.



I also want to go down to the basement and see if I can find some crocheted doilies because I really want to make something like this for the bed.


Also inspiring for the bed is this, a featherbed sort of thing made of pillows! Another picture here


Or maybe since I’m thinking of cozy bedding it is time to go back to bed! I haven’t done the whole “nap when the baby naps” thing in a while. But then there is that stack of new magazines to read…

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