girl scout bag

Here’s my latest bag and I’m happy to have it done! I had decided on the shape and was monkeying around with embellishments for what seemed like forever. I really wanted to do something cool and deconstructivist a la project alabama but it was a total bust. So I reverted to my old standby… the VintageInvasion flower. (VI being my old website.. a little of this and this)

Anyway it’s done and I am liking it quite a bit now that it’s all made up and lined. Tim commented that it reminds him of the Girl Scouts’ uniforms and aha! yes it does… now I’m very pleased.



ummm…thin mints

One thought on “girl scout bag

  1. The Zero Boss says:

    Very nice! My wife did something similar for the “summer camp” she designed at home for the kids after school left out. Each now has their own custom tote for carrying their things to the park, the beach, etc.

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