I think I made it cry

I feel bad that I picked on the bag. It’s cute! I just wrote a post dissing on it but I’m looking at it again and I think it’s not so bad. So I embrace the bag, I’m taking down the photos of its flaws, I’m going to stop whining about its puckered lining, I’m going to put my wallet and keys in it and take it to the library!

the bag thanks its supporters!



3 thoughts on “I think I made it cry

  1. Lia says:

    I think it looks great! I saw the last post, but I’m glad you changed your mind about it. Sometimes that puckering happens to me too and its very frustrating. Usually with a good ironing, you can hardly tell it was there! The placement of the bottom flower worked out after all!
    Very cute bag, perfect for fall 🙂

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