Femme Fatale

After checking out a book from the library on making cloth dolls I decided to try to make a cute little ragdoll. My inspiration was this adorable girl with the crooked bangs from my beautiful new Jaeger baby knits book. I started by cutting hair out of some dark brown alpaca I had leftover from my Mom’s Christmas scarf. Then I tackled embroidering the face. I really struggled with finding cute facial features. I embroidered half a dozen pairs of eyes, all of which were disasters. I finally made a cutie face I was pleased with based on an old paperdoll. I was ready to cut out the head, stuff and sew on the hair. Unfortunately, I totally made a mess of it. I thought I had it right, but I didn’t allow for stuffing and I made her neck too small and who knows what happened but now she looks like a sophisticated older woman instead of the charming young girl. bah!

also, she reminds me of some actress and I can’t think of who and it’s driving me mad!


4 thoughts on “Femme Fatale

  1. naomi says:

    I just discovered your site via ljcfyi.com and I love it! I am a pracitising librarian-almost! And share your love of crafty things. This doll reminds me of a very young Elizabeth Taylor, or perahps Vivien Leigh?

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