Enough with the poncho already

Karen and I hit Stitches today. A conference hall full of knitting shops hawking their wares. The theme evidently was the Poncho. Everyone was wearing a poncho! (or as dooce would say EVERYONE. WAS. WEARING. A. PONCHO.) All the boothladies, all the shoppers, all the knitted display garments. Pick up any ball of yarn to inspect it and the boothlady says, “just 5 balls to make this poncho.” ok, already. I like ponchos. Liked them in the 70s when I flipped them over my head to pretend long hair. Liked them 2 years ago when Marc Jacobs sent them down the runway. Even like them now in their tinier, more edgy capelet form. But they were really freaking me out this afternoon in a stepford wives kinda way.

So Stitches was not quite as exciting as I remembered. I think mostly because now that I’m on a set yarn budget and also now that I’ve discovered elann.com, the total lack of bargains was disappointing. Also it is sensory overload. When every shop brings out it’s most dazzling colorways and fuzziest fluffy furs it becomes a bit of a blur. However I did have a few yarn highs. First was finally getting my hands on some Blue Sky Alpaca organic cotton. I bought 2 balls of Sand to make a little fisherman’s sweater for Oscar. I was hoping to make Tea for Two out of it but it’s the wrong weight. Maybe I’ll go ahead with it anyway and make a larger sweater that he can grow into. I also finally got myself some Bobbi Bear. I’m going to try him out in a cheaper, smaller weight yarn and see how he turns out. I also spotted my new obsession, ONline Linie Iceland. This amazing yarn looks like it is dappled in fresh snow. I recently spent some time at the LYS trying to decide what I thought of it because I’m not really a fan of novelty yarns. After dreaming of it a few times I’ve decided it’s love. Of course I didn’t actually give in and buy it. The flirtation continues. Also picked up some delicious buttons for the in-progress George and a neat toggle button I think I’ll use for a bag.

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  1. Li_B says:

    I’m having the posting comment day from hell. I don’t see my original comment so I’ll try again. I couldn’t resist buying Iceland last week. It is beautiful and soft, but I settled for a scarf – too pricey for the yardage for me. May eventually give in, though.

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