Count em! 6!

Yesterday was a fun day. Tim and I got to go to the movies while my parents watched Oscar. That makes at least 6 movies we’ve seen since Oscar was born in December. woohoo! We saw Garden State and I really really enjoyed it. Zach Braff, who knew? Next I have to see that Napolean Dynamite.

Back at Grandma and Grandpa’s Oscar was entertaining himself in this!


My Mom has been a woman obsessed ever since she spotted this Little Tykes Activity Garden on some tv show about child development. Then she asked around, figured out what it was and that it was no longer being made and it turns out it is a red hot item on the garage sale/ebay circuit. She had one of those ebay sagas but after a few tries found this one. “Complete with all the mail and vegetables!” she gleefully informs me. I have always been skeptical of these huge molded plastic paradises but he loved it! And it was so much fun to see him exploring it. Now if only I had a McMansion and an SUV I could stock up on more toys like this. But I’ll leave that to Grandma and Grandpa and Oscar will have to make do with tiny little apartment toys when he’s home.

Got home last night and checked out some cool ass sites thanks to this neat site of links Like some very cute illustration by Tania Howells and another crafty shop and so much more.. Then we watched 6 Feet Under. I am dying to know what’s up with that photo of Lisa. dying

One thought on “Count em! 6!

  1. maia says:

    wow! neat! thanks for visiting my little blog!
    Yours is one of my new favorites and can’t wait
    to see your next dressed-in-vintage doll creation!
    P.S. we have the little tikes “easy-store” slide–talk about oxymorons!

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