Cashmere Kitty

Finished Margot’s kitty this morning. I made it out of a cashmere men’s sweater vest I found at the thrift store. It’s soooo soft! Not perfect for babies but I think Margot’s Mom will appreciate it. Oscar’s puppy Fabian is, of course, made out of a machine washable sweater because he’s fond of rubbing him all over his snotty face. Petite Margot is more sophisticated than that!

So, yes, nice and soft but kind of a bear to work with. It was harder to stuff because the cashmere had so much give. I could have squished an entire bag of ClusterFill in there. ClusterFill is the best stuffing in the world by the way. I found it at Hobby Lobby. It comes in little clumps and is so easy to work with. Just toss it in there willy nilly and it turns out perfect. I didn’t realize there was such an art to stuffing things until I started making little animals. They were always all bumpy and wrong until I found this stuff. I also had all sorts of trouble embroidering the face. Again because of the give of the sweater’s knit. Kept getting all bunchy. So a few troubles but in the end a very soft little gal. And her sideways tail makes me giggle.


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