Camel and Gray

Here’s my latest wool bag. I was messing around with making fabric flowers (more on that later), scrunching this pretty gray tweed in my hand and suddenly I realized it did actually resemble a flower so I just started sewing it in place… not very securely I’m afraid. I added some gray grosgrain leaves, a pretty tortoise button for the center and outlined in gold beads for a little sparkle. I so love gray and camel together! I lined the bag with plastic canvas for shape and then covered it up with gray silky fabric. You can still feel the bumpy plastic canvas through the lining. I think next time I’ll fuse the whole thing together with some interfacing. I’m very happy with the ribbon strap. Mostly because I tried, many times, to make a strap out of the camel wool and it kept coming out wrong. Finally I thought of the ribbon and 2 minutes later my bag was finished. So easy!

Stitches! tomorrow if all goes according to plan. Hope it’s fun. Am I looking more forward to getting my hands on all the beautiful yarns or to having an afternoon Oscar free? bad mommy!

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